What Is An Adjustment?

Chiropractic Adjustment

As mentioned earlier, a chiropractic adjustment is defined as: the specific application of forces used to facilitate the body’s correction of spinal nerve interference.

Once the chiropractor has examined the patient and determined the need for chiropractic care, he/she will locate the particular vertebral level that is subluxated, and determine the exact misalignment of that joint.  This assessment may include many forms of examination. A Gonstead chiropractor may use an instrument to measure temperature called a nervoscope, or perhaps x-rays will be taken to see the entire spinal column. He/she will feel (palpate) the joint to check for motion or loss of motion, and may also perform some orthopedic and neurological tests. Whatever tests are performed, will be explained beforehand, and will be used to determine the exact location and direction of misalignment.

The adjustment that is given is a manual thrust on one particular vertebrae, in a specific direction, to correct the misalignment and loss of motion, as well as to relieve pressure from the affected nerve.  The adjustment may come in many different forms, and may be performed on multiple different tables.  Any procedure that the doctor deems necessary will be explained prior to being performed, so as to alleviate questions and possible fears.

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