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If you have taken the time to read through the information that has been made available in this site, you have a fairly good understanding of the philosophy behind chiropractic, and of how the body works. Unfortunately, until recent years chiropractors have had to continue on the knowledge of how the body works, and a strong hypothesis of how the body should react to chiropractic care, but with very little science to validate their claims. Simple put, chiropractic just seemed to work. Chiropractors knew why it worked, but didn’t have the research to prove it.

Now the times have changed, funding has been made available to perform high quality research, and scientists have been able to prove what was know all along. That a misalignment in the spine, putting pressure on the nervous system, can and will have a detrimental effect on bodily functions. Also, that when adjusted by a trained chiropractor, the subluxated vertebrae will move back to a more normal position, relieving the pressure form the nerve, and restoring health.

Unfortunately there is far too much research to post all of it on this site, so we have attempted to provide links to other sites containing some of this research. We are sure you will find the science enlightening, and we hope that any questions that still exist will be answered.

One study that we couldn’t find a link for, but wanted to make available, was a study done by a man by the name of Dr. Suh at the University of Colorado. Dr. Suh wanted to find out if what chiropractors had been saying for 100 years was true or not. Could the bones of the spine put enough pressure on the spinal nerves to interfere with the communication between the brain and the body?

Here is what he did. He took some healthy rats, and he cut a nerve in each rat that went to a healthy organ. After the nerve had been cut, the organ died in every case. He then took the live end of the nerve and he hooked it up to an oscilloscope, like an EKG or EEG. Even though the nerve had been cut, and the organ had died, the live end of the nerve still produced a normal wave pattern – even though the organ was dead.

The next step of the experiment was to see how pressure affected the function of that nerve. While he had the nerve hooked up to the oscilloscope he put 20 mm of Hg pressure on the nerve, or about the same amount of pressure as a quarter resting on the back of your hand would exert. What he found was that the 20 mm of Hg pressure on the nerve reduce the wave on the monitor by 50%. That small amount of pressure reduced the communication from the brain, through that nerve, by one half.

Can you imagine what an organ functioning at half its ability would result in for your body? If the pancreas produced half as much insulin as necessary, what would happen to your body? If you said that you would get diabetes, you are exactly correct. How about if your stomach produced twice as much acid as necessary? Heartburn, or even acid reflux! What good is it going to do to take a pill or medicine to cover up the problem? While you may get some relief, you have done nothing to correct the cause. This study is a perfect example of how nerve pressure can have a detrimental effect on nervous system function, and especially health. Dr. Suh has provided scientific evidence of what chiropractors have known for years: CHIROPRACTIC WORKS!!

Here are some links to other sites containing scientific research validating the efficacy of chiropractic care:

In recent months there have been many occasions where chiropractic has been reported in the news. Some of these articles have been good, some have been skewed by the author or editor, and some have been potentially negative. In regards to the articles that have been published, the World Chiropractic Alliance has issued many responses, position papers, and research articles to validate chiropractic as not only extremely safe, but also effective.

Where ever possible we have included links to the original articles, as well as the response. We have also included some articles on health in general.


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